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Enjoy the Beauty of Japanese Green Tea

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For the Japanese Tea Ceremony

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Find Out How to Make Sencha

It's More Than a Beverage, It's an Art

Fresh aromas, delicate taste, and wonderful health benefits make Japanese green tea more than an everyday commodity. It’s an art form that is to be appreciated in a similar way to wine.

Sencha, Matcha, and Teaware

Our purpose is to open the gate into the world of Japanese tea for you.

  • Discover Sencha: a popular leaf tea in Japan.
  • Learn the way of Matcha, the powdered tea that drives that Japanese tea ceremony.
  • Understand what defines a kyusu (Japanese teapot), chasen (tea whisk) and chawan (teabowl).

Learn about Sencha, Matcha, teaware, and numerous other green teas through blog posts, videos, and how to articles.

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The Dojo

A constantly growing resource of articles, The Dojo is committed to helping you learn about Japanese green tea. Discover the types of green tea, Japanese teaware, and more.

The Forum

Take part in friendly discussion with fellow tea drinkers. The forum is a great place to be social, and can help you find answers to your specific questions.

The Blog

Find wisdom in the reviews on the blog. Enjoy editorial style posts about the world of Japanese green tea. Learn brewing parameters, as well as other tips and tricks.

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