Throughout the history of this blog, there have been plenty of reviews on sencha. There have been reviews for various pieces of teaware – heck, even a gyokuro review. But what about matcha- specifically usucha? There have been plenty of guides, but no reviews. Today, that all will change. It’s time to review Kyou Mukashi. 🙂

I’ve enlisted Yuting of Strawberry Vibe to help prepare the matcha for this momentous occasion. 😀

yuting of strawberry vibe


Kyou Mukashi is an inexpensive matcha sold by Grown in Uji, it is the thin type of matcha known as usucha. According to the description from the vendor, the name means, “Old Capitol”.

sifted kyou mukashi matcha closeup

Kyou Mukashi comes in a red, resealable canister (though in this review, it has been transferred into a black container). The powder is a vibrant green, and fine in texture. Its aroma is sweet and creamy.

Brewing Kyou Mukashi

Brewing this tea is inline with other usucha. Use two chashaku scoops (or teaspoons) of matcha, 60-80ml of water, and a brewing temperature of approximately 80C (176F). If you need further brewing instructions, check out our Matcha Making Tutorial. 🙂

scooping matcha into a black chawan with chashaku

matcha that has just been whisked with chasen hovering over bowl

Thoughts and Observations

If you thought that Kyou Mukashi’s low price meant it was low quality, you’d be wrong. The taste is a wonderful blend of sweetness, bitterness, and even creamy aspects as well. There are subtle vegetal notes, and even some hints that remind me of the ocean. The aftertaste is light, and not astringent.

prepared bowl of kyou mukashi matcha

Kyou Mukashi is possibly the least expensive taste of matcha decadence you can buy. Not only does it give you plenty of bang for your buck, it can easily compete with pricier matcha selections.

Whether you are a newbie to matcha or a diehard fan, Kyou Mukashi is a tea that everyone can appreciate. 😀

Griff is the co-founder of The Art of Japanese Green Tea website and video series.

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