I have been curious about high quality Japanese green tea bags for a long time. However, as they typically come in quantities of twenty, I have never taken the plunge. Fortunately for me, in a recent tea order I received a couple samples of Organic Green Tea Bags. 🙂


These organic green tea bags are from the teashop Tsuen, and distributed online by O-Cha.com. Each bag contains 2g of organic Uji sencha.

organic Japanese teabag packaging
nylon pyramid sencha sachet

Rather than being flat like paper tea bags, these are pyramid shaped and made of nylon. The interesting shape appears to give the leaves more room to expand and infuse.

Brewing Parameters

As you would expect from green tea bags, the brewing technique is relatively easy. Use 1 bag per 100ml, 80-85C water temp, and steep for 1 minute. These parameters are very forgiving.

Leaf: 1 bag/100ml
Temp: 82C(180F)
Time: 1:00 min

An interesting difference between the parameters on the packaging and on the vendor’s site are the brewing temperatures. The packaging suggests using boiling water, while the vendor suggests water that is 77C (170F). In my short experience with these bags, I settled on 82C (180F). This temperature is approximately equal to freshly boiled water that has sat for a moment or two.


infused green tea bag
cup of Japanese green tea

Thoughts and Observations

There is almost a matcha-like creaminess to the flavour. The liquid is emerald green and slightly cloudy. The overall taste is mellow with a smooth, subtle richness. Only a minimal amount of astringency is present.

Later Infusions

These tea bags yield three good infusions. For the second infusion, steep for 30 seconds with water that’s 10 degrees hotter than the first. For the third infusion, brew for 1 minute at a near boiling temperature. A fourth infusion is possible, but it is really light on flavour and somewhat astringent.

Final Thoughts on Organic Green Tea Bags

Any fan of Japanese green tea who is going on a trip or is pressed for time will greatly benefit from these tea bags. People who enjoy Grandpa Style Brewing will likely see the value in them as well. While I find their taste to be slightly muted, the convenience definitely makes up for it. I implore anyone who tries to make due with loose leaf on the road or in the office to give these a shot. 🙂

Griff is the co-founder of The Art of Japanese Green Tea website and video series.

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  1. Jason (JVM)

    Have you tried other Sencha tea bags from reputable vendors? I’ve only tried those from Den’s, and I like them a lot for the price, but it’s certainly not as good as even a lower-end loose Sencha.

    1. Griff

      I have yet to try other quality sencha teabags, but it’s something on my to-do list. 🙂

      It’s hard to say how these bags compare to loose leaf. Low (but still good) quality sencha is usually a little astringent and rough. This is not. It tasted as if before it was packaged into teabags, the sencha was in the mid-high quality range. However in teabag form, the brew ends up tasting slightly muted. Depending on preference, this may leave you with a cup of tea that is above, below, or on par with low-end loose leaf.

      I think it is on par, but that’s just me.

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