Time and time again I have stressed the importance of sifting matcha. It’s just something that any good bowl of matcha requires. But believe it or not, many people still skip this important step.

I think there are two reasons why people don’t sift their matcha.

  1. It’s time consuming.
  2. You lose a tiny amount of matcha.

While there is not much that can be done for the minimal amount of lost matcha, there is a quicker/easier way to sift that can cut down on time.

The idea is to sift your matcha directly from your tin to your bowl.

Begin by preheating your teaware. Once that is complete, hold your sifter directly above your tea bowl. Scoop in your desired amount of matcha. Note that you will need to use a little less matcha than you’re used to as the tea powder is more dense when it isn’t sifted.

placing matcha into sift

You may choose to use a chashaku to measure the tea. However when it comes time to push the matcha through the sifter, be sure to use a metal spoon. Bamboo utensils will be ground down against the rough surface of a sifter.

Sift matcha into a chawan

And that’s it! Now go on and brew your matcha like normal.

Thanks to this method, even the laziest tea drinkers (like me) can have a perfectly brewed bowl of matcha. 🙂

See the Method in Action

Griff is the co-founder of The Art of Japanese Green Tea website and video series.

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  1. Mitschu Myy

    My girlfriend once asked me why I wouldn’t sift the matcha right into the bowl. Ever since I have done this. I think it is a great way of making matcha. The matcha sifted into the second container was already aired and if I didn’t use it up I thought it might geld old faster. The lazy way that is one worry less besides losing some matcha sticking to the second container.

  2. Oca Ocani

    That is such a nice video.

    In my opinion it is absolutely necessary to sift Matcha powder to get the most out of your Matcha.
    Because what counts in the end is the result: And that is an improvement in taste by a smoother and frothier liquid.

    Just a couple of month ago I wrote an article about Matcha sifter/ strainer with a direct comparison of froth between sifted and non-sifted Matcha powder.

    1. Griff

      Glad you liked the video 🙂

      The difference between sifted and not-sifted matcha is night and day. It’s just so much better to take a minute to sift.

      I enjoyed reading your article, I really like your comparison pics. 🙂

  3. Consolarificus

    I have always sifted my matcha in such a fashion. Never thought it was the lazy way 😛

    To compensate for being such a slouch, I do tend to weigh my matcha nowadays (before sifting it). Actually, non-sifted matcha can be very compact and it can be hard to eyeball the right amount with a chasaku, so a scale really helps there.

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