How To Make Sencha

A guide for how to brew sencha. Learn how to make sencha, as well as the background behind one of the most popular green teas in Japan.

What Is Shincha

Harvested in the early spring, Shincha is the first picking of sencha. (From the blog.)


How To Make Matcha

A simple guide to making Matcha. Find out how to brew this powdered green tea used in the Japanese tea ceremony.

Sifting Matcha

Sifting matcha is an important part of the matcha preparation process. (From the blog.)

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How To Make Gyokuro

A Gyokuro brewing guide. Gyokuro is the most expensive tea in Japan. Discover the luxury that goes along with the price.

How To Make Hojicha

A guide for brewing hojicha. Learn about this unusual type of green tea, as well as discover the origins of the roasted drink.

How To Make Genmaicha

Genmaicha is a Japanese tea that is made with roasted brown rice. Discover more about the tea with the nickname, Popcorn Tea.

Teaware Guides

Kyusu: The Japanese Teapot

Kyusu is the Japanese term for the teapot. Learn about the features of a kyusu such as it’s shape, filter, and glaze.